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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Try laughter and genuinely have a Merry Christmas!

The wisest man who ever lived in history stated, “A joyful heart is good medicine.” I have heard medical stories of people with terminal diseases choosing to watch comedies until they passed, but instead, they healed completely of their disease.

We often get so wrapped up in work or daily requirements that it may actually be weeks since the last time we laughed. This will usually backfire even more as irritability kicks in causing more difficulties. Laughter is such a simple and easy fix but we often ignore it. I know a couple who change their speech when they get into an argument. They say the same angry words but add a speech impediment to the words and very soon they are both laughing and the fight is over.

Studies say that our bodies don’t know the difference between laughter caused by being really tickled and laughter that is actually fake. If you put on a big smile and make belly laugh chortles and ha ha’s your mood will lift, oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) will shoot through you, your blood pressure will lower and you will sleep better. There are groups who laugh together for therapy and it really works. You can find them on YouTube.

But like me, you may feel foolish ho-hoing and ha-haing for no reason. So try a comedian you really enjoy. Listen at least once a week and see if your whole health and atmosphere don’t get a total “facelift”.

Some comedians on YouTube you might find enjoyable are 1) Jeanne Robertson 2) Mark Lowry 3) Chonda Pierce 4) Mark Gungor. Mark Gungor will get you laughing like crazy about the problems in your marriage which could make all the difference for you.

The holidays can cause a lot of stress so try laughter and genuinely have a Merry Christmas!

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