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stud talk for men

Training boys to men,measure strength in a man?
cooperative partnership, defiant behavior, mature man, character, developing lifestyle
training, guidence, macho, questions for men, traits of manhood

Stud Talk for Men with Dr. Lew Sterrett.  Turning Macho into Manhood by examining the traits present in every man and honing them through discipline, training and guidance.


Dr. Lew Sterrett addresses the nature of men and contrasts bravado and macho with wisdom and discipline to show how to develop into men of character.

Answering the questions surrounding a man’s nature.

  • How do you measure strength in a man?

  • How does it really look when you change defiant behavior into cooperative partnership and award winning performance?

  • Escaping the trap of developing only wealth or only a lifestyle of comfort while neglecting the development of character that will sustain a man when those things fail.

  • Maturing from the inattentive, laziness of youth to a focused, driven and controlled mature man.

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