Where in the world is Dr. Lew?

Sermon on the Mount Events


Looking for a Sermon on the Mount in your area?

Read through our Events Calendar for nation-wide events,

including Leaders By HEART Seminars and Principle-Based Training Clinics.


13th-14th - Arcola, IL

Host: Rural King

Event Location: Elmer Millers

just behind Ackman Wildlife


Kevin Petersheim

PH: (217)-246-3075

Susan Samuelson

PH: (217)-254-5076

Time: 6:30 -8:30 PM

15th - Arthur, IL

Event Location: Otto Center

2058 Cr 1800e, Arthur, IL 61911


Kevin Petersheim 

PH: (217)-246-3075


Al Miller

PH: (217)-552-3819

Time: 6:30-9 PM

19th - Geneseo, NY

Host: The Big House Equestrian Center

Event: Sermon On The Mount

Event Location: The Big House Equestrian Center

55 Avon Rd. Geneseo, NY 14454

Time: 4-6 PM

22nd - Fayetteville, GA

Host: Flat Creek Baptist Church

Event: Dr. Lew Speaks

Event Location: Flat Creek Baptist Church, 161 Flat Creek Trail

Fayetteville, GA

Time: 6-7 PM

23rd - Fayetteville, GA

Host: Fairburn Baptist Association

Event Location: 11169 Turner Rd., Hampton, GA 30228

Contact: Susan Cunningham

Email: associationfair@bellsouth.net

Time: 10-1 PM

24th - Senoia, GA

Host: Cedar Ridge Ranch

Event: One Day Training Clinic

Event Location: Cedar Ridge Ranch, 5668 Gordon Rd.

Senoia, GA

Contact: Cedar Ridge Ranch

PH: (770)-599-0330

Email: information@cedarridgeranchga.com

Website: cedarridgeranchga.com

25th- Bon Aqua, TN

Host: Cross Roads Cowboy Church

Event Location: 19446 Missionary Ridge Rd., Bon Aqua, TN

Time: 6 PM

Contact: Dan Majnaric

PH: (330)-933-1744

26th - Bon Aqua, TN

Host: Cross Roads Cowboy Church

Event Location: Cross Roads Cowboy Church

9446 Missionary Ridge Rd., Bon Aqua, TN

Time: 10 AM

Contact Dan Majnaric

PH: (330)-933-1744


3rd - Valley Mills, TX

Host: Top Hand Cowboy Church

Event Location: Top Hand Cowboy Chur

15123 N. Hwy. 6, Valley Mills, TX

Contact: Joe Gary

Email: joe@tophandcowboychurch.org

7th- Anadarko, OK (full)

Host: Ransom Wind Ranch

Event: Leadership Chickasha

Event Location: Ransom Wind Ranch

35102 County St. 2740, Anadarko, OK 73005

Contact: Main Office

PH: (405)-453-7686

Email: sotmoffice@gmail.com

 9th - Hempstead, TX

Host: Jubilee Ranch

Event Location: Jubilee Ranch 33696 FM1736, Hempstead, TX 77445

PH: (713)-898-3296

9th-14th- Big Sandy, TX

Host: A.L.E.R.T. Academy

Event Location: 1 Academy Blvd., Big Sandy TX 75755

PH: (903)-636-2000

17th - Apache, OK

Host: Apache Cowboy Church

Event Location: Apache Cowboy Church, 15513 US-62, Apache, OK 73006

Email: thecowboychurch62@gmail.com

22nd-23rd - Claremont, NC

Host: Rising Hope Farms

Event Location: 3775 Bethany Church Rd., Claremont, NC 

Contact: Crystal Frye

PH: (828)-569-6859

24th - Blaine, TN

Host: Mouth of Richland Baptist Church

Event Location: 1115 Indian Ridge Rd., Blaine TN

Contact: Mouth of Richland Baptist Church

Email: mouthofrichland@gmail.com

31st - Lawrenceville, GA

Host: Grace New Hope Church

Event Location: Grace New Hope Church

1766 New Hope Rd., Lawrenceville, GA

Contact: Grace New Hope Church

PH: (678)-896-5892

Email: sheeba@gfc.com


14th-16 - Stephenville, TX

Host: Cornerstone Assembly of God

Event Location: 13635 FM 3025, Stephenville, TX 76401

Contact: Church Office

PH: (254)-918-5433


Time: 7 PM