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11th - Anadarko, OK 

Host: Ransom Wind Ranch

PH: (405)-453-7686

Time: 2:00 PM

25th - Oklahoma City, OK

Host: First Southern Baptist Church

Address: 6400 S. Sooner Rd., OKC, OK 73135

PH: (405)-732-1300

Event: Sermon On The Mount

Time: 10:30

Dr. Lew to Speak

Picnic Lunch 

(Bring your own chairs) 

Sermon On The Mount


18th-19th - Granite City, IL

Host: Joel and Emily Grace

21st-22nd - Millerton, NY

Host: Hope Rising Farms

Event Location: Hope Rising Farm

19 Morse Hill Rd., Millerton, NY 12546

PH: (845) 797-8365


23rd - Crossville, TN

Host: Lantana Road Baptist Church

Event Location: Lantana Road Baptist Church

3270 Lantana Rd, Crossville, TN 38572

Time: 4 PM

Contact: Pastor Scott Johnson


4th-6th - Marion, KS

Host: Aulne Church

Event Location: Aulne Church

1404 Pawnee Rd. ,Marion, KS 66861

Contact: Pastor Jeff Lee

PH: (620)-381-4331

Email: aulnechurch@gmail.com

13th - Flagstaff, AZ

Host: Wade Salem


18th - 22nd - Mt. Morris, NY

Host: Lamplighter Theatre 

Event Location: Lamplighter Theatre

23 State St., Mt. Morris, NY 14510

PH: 1-888-246-7735


12th-15th - Hillsboro, MI

Host: Harold Walker

20th-24th - Wayland, MO

Host: Cowboy Country Church

Event Location: Cowboy Country Church

43 US Hwy 136, Wayland, MO 63472


27th-29th - Mineral Point, WI

Host: Grace Cowboy Country Church

Event Location: Grace Cowboy Country Church

1200 Betty Lane Mineral Point, WI 53565

Contact: Pastor Stephen Troester

PH: (608) 987-2777


14th - Rapid City, SD

Host: COIN

Event: Leader by HEART

Contact: Bob Parsons

PH:  (605)-517-0798

Email: bob@coincoach.org

16th - Sioux Falls, SD

Host: COIN

Event: Leader by HEART

Contact: Bob Parsons

PH:  (605)-517-0798

Email: bob@coincoach.org

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