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Just do the two or three jobs each day to keep a neat home.

I really don't like house cleaning! But I do like a neat, clean house. I know there are some people who actually like to clean, but if you're like me with with no affinity for it or just too crazy busy, then here are some things that helped me.

The first step takes some time but once you're set up your house will stay perpetually company ready. You'll need a card filing box and a set of numbered dividers as well as a set of monthly dividers. If you can set this up on your phone then more power to you! Now take one room at a time and write down every job that is needed in that room. Write beside each job how often it really needs to be done (don't get perfectionistic or you won't do it) and how many minutes it will take. Example: Heading on the card is Living Room, Job: Dusting, Time: 20 minutes

How often depends on you and how quickly it gets too dusty to bear: Weekly, every other week...? Now make a separate card for vacuuming or mopping the floor, etc. Some jobs are daily, some weekly, some one time per month, some like washing windows, might be every six months. If you have a reorganizing project in that room that you have been procrastinating about make a card for a fifteen-minute time every two weeks or even once a month. It will get you started and will get finished over time without too much effort.

Now that your cards are set up for each room place them in the months they should be done in. The jobs that are done weekly get put into different days of the first week by date number. When they are done they get put into next weeks dates. The rest of the jobs for that month get divided up in the weeks of the month, then moved to the next month when they are done.

Now each day just pull out the two or three cards for that day, do the jobs and don't worry about the rest. They are set to get done. This makes each day very simple and it will keep you in a peaceful, company ready home continually.

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