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There is reward in fellowshipping with the Lord's sufferings.

There seems to be a prevalence of false accusation in this culture right now. And if you live long enough you will likely be the focus of false accusation sometime in your life. False accusations are fiery hot arrows that hit and burn and can cause deep pain and long-term damage if you don't know how to handle the attack. This attack often comes as we are trying to make our paths straight and do what is right for God and others. They are meant to make us quit. And though our Enemy uses people to do it, the attack is directly from him.

False accusations often come because people who are not making their paths straight are convicted by how we are living and are jealous of the favor God is bestowing on us. So they grab onto any negative press about us and pass it on or even embellish it. This really hurts when people who should know our character better than this still choose to believe the lies. So what can you do?

Our natural reaction is either to withdraw, quit and pout or go after the people and argue with them. Both reactions are not quite right. We do need to go to God in private and share our hurt with Him. We need to realize we are promised we will get this kind of persecution and fellowship of His suffering. The Lord is sharing with you some of His load like a parent allows a little child to grab the water bucket handle and help Him carry it. So enjoy His fellowship (Philippians 3:10, I Peter 4:12,19). Next, follow Jesus's example of committing your defense to God. The Scripture says He is our defense (I Peter 2:23, Psalm 18:1-3, Psalm 62:2). We must also remember there are rewards for this if we do it right. We will get more of God's favor if we do not fear intimidation or lose heart (I Peter 2:19,20, I Peter 3:14, Hebrews 12:3).

But the other side of our responsibility is to go to the accuser to see if there can be reconciliation. Before you go, take time to truly examine yourself. Is there any place where this accusation could have looked to be true? Is there any actual truth there? Deal with that first. Go to the person and don't assume, as they did, that you have all of the facts. Ask first if they said this about you as your were told? Ask on what facts they had built this judgement? If in any way you have found that you owe them an apology then apologize humbly for the exact thing you found in your examination and express that you want no road blocks in your fellowship with them. You can only do this if you believe the person will hear you and is not stubbornly set in their wrong judgement. If they stubbornly stick to their opinion, humble yourself and assure them that this is not correct about you and you will leave it to God to open their understanding to that. Then remove yourself. If they got their information from someone else you may need to go to that person as well.

It is very important that you stick to just the facts and do not embellish with justification. It takes a lot of humility to do this and that's why Peter said it was a fiery trial that tests whether we will entrust ourselves and our reputation to a faithful God. You must be obedient to God's instructions in Matthew 18:15-20 to go for the purpose of winning your brother and Ephesians 4:29 to make sure your words and assumptions are not corrupt, selfish or even untrue. You must not fall into the same pit in retaliation.

Focus on fellowshipping with the Lord in His sufferings. Think how often He was and continues to be falsely accused. And remind yourself that there is a reward to come of greater favor from the Lord as you pass the test. Yes, it burns as a fiery arrow but it is your faith and trust in your Faithful Creator and Defender that will put the fire out.

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