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Everyone is a leader, learn the skills to be good at it.

Leadership is something we often make assumptions about. We assume it is a gift some are born with. Or we assume that if we've worked in a company long enough we should be given promotions of leadership positions. Both assumptions contain incomplete data.

Though it is true that some giftings, talents and personalities are more efficient in a leadership position, we have to understand that every person on earth is being watched and followed by someone and therefore is a leader. However, good efficient leadership is a learned skill and not everyone will put the effort out to develop it. So, if someone who has not developed the skills is promoted to leadership it will result in chaos and low production. This means that a leadership promotion needs to be earned through the development of management skills and not just as a reward for years of service. There can be other rewards given for length of service. It is a common mistake in organizations to promote a good worker to a leadership position. However, just because a person can do a job does not necessarily mean he can teach others or delegate to a crew and continue follow-up so that the crew develops their skills. Often, a worker tries to do it all themselves or takes a job back that was delegated. This lowers the production and gives no hope for improvement through a trained crew.

The answer to the question therefore is Yes and No. Yes, everyone is already leading someone and we must carefully consider where and how we are leading them. But No, everyone has not developed the skills of orderliness, ability to break a large job into small bites, clear communication to and follow-up of others, knowing how to correct without condemnation and more. But these skills can be learned to some extent by everyone. And we all should put some focus and effort in developing these skills because we are already leading someone.

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