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Family Fun
Family fun doesn't have to be expensive.

Summer for most of us means more time for the family to do things together. But you can run out of ideas and kids that are not busy get bored and then get into trouble. So here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices going.

Big vacations are great but they cost a lot of money and usually only take up a week or two of a long summer. So try some of these less expensive ideas. 1) Outdoor games like croquet, frisbee golf, Jarts, Water balloon fights. My niece crochets "water balloons". You soak them in a bucket, throw them at each other (they carry a good deal of water) then when the game is over you pick them up whole instead of dozen of balloon pieces, hang them to dry and use again. My niece's name is Joanna Noel Corbett and you can find her on Facebook. (You're welcome Joanna) 2) Go to parks around you and do everything there, hike and play on anything they have there. Some parks have obstacle courses and even splash areas and I'll bet there are some near you that you never knew were there so google it! 3) Also look for lakes near you. You can swim, fish, rent a boat, find treasures along the lake shore and cook hot dogs and marshmallows on a fire on the shore. Those treasures found can spark a craft activity some rainy day as well: paint rocks, make scrapbooks or terrariums etc.

4) Find a meadow with fireflies and go there in a pickup truck and watch them. You can bring jars to catch them but please release them again before you go home. You may have to ask farmers where to find them. 5) Hike or drive in a pickup to a high spot in your area and watch the sunset from that vista. Bring snacks , drinks and blankets and tell family history stories. Kids love to hear funny things great-grandpa did as a kid or scary times their ancestors went through with great courage. Bring along Grandma or an older aunt in the truck who you know loves to tell the history of your family. It's much better than scary stories and builds a sense of belonging to roots in your children.

When you've done all of these, your creativity and that of your kids should be pumping to think up more things. Remember even a work project together to help someone in need binds your family together and gives each one a sense of value. But don't over do it! This is family fun we're talking about!

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