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Making Your Kitchen Work For You

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

I like a "grab and go" kitchen!

Step back a minute and evaluate where things are in your kitchen. Are items in cupboards near where you use them? For example: where do you use your pots and pans, on the stove right? So how far from the stove is the cupboard they are stored in? Could you save a lot of steps if you changed their cupboard closer to the stove?

And what about Ziploc bags and refrigerator dishes? You take food from your table and place it on which counter? Are these items right next to that counter or do you walk across the kitchen several times before all is put away?

Most people put drinking glasses right beside the kitchen sink so you can grab a glass and fill it from the faucet. But do you actually drink more often from the refrigerator filtered water? How about moving the glasses nearer to that?

I have a trash can right at the end of my counter on which I do most of my food prep. It is so easy to wipe all of the crumbs right into the trash instead of into my hand or other utensil and then carry it to the trash can.

And then there is the “junk drawer”. You know the one everyone throws stuff into instead of putting it away. Pull that overflowing thing out. Separate the items according to type. Ask yourself is there a place assigned for these and is it in a convenient position to where these are used? Try changing drawers assigned to items accordingly. And one more thing, ask yourself how long has this item been here and not been used, six months, a year? If it was six months ago put it in a better more useable place for another six months then if it is still not used in a year throw it away or give it away to someone who will use it.

Now cupboard by cupboard apply that same usage test to everything in your kitchen. I realize there are some items you use only on holidays but you do use them. These should be stored in your most inconvenient cupboards. If you are short in stature put these items the on top most shelves. If you are tall put them on the bottom. Items you use a lot should be stored as close to eye level as possible.

I like a “grab and go” kitchen. I know exactly where everything is and it’s right where I need to use it. I hate having to spend time hunting something down and being six feet tall, I hate having to get down on my knees to find something on the bottom shelves.

I know this takes time but do it one cupboard or one drawer at a time. Encourage yourself that this way you will actually have room in your cupboards for everything you really use and you’ll be able to find it in seconds when the organization is done. Plus, that junk drawer might not catch as much as it used to and you’ll be able to get it completely closed!

Have Fun!

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