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Making fresh Flowers look Professional

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Each type of flower has a special place.

Flowers are a delight to the heart for most people especially women. Bouquets can cost a lot coming from a florist but if you’re on a tight budget you can make Walmart or wildflowers look professional. There are many shapes a trained florist can use to assemble a bouquet but the simplest and easiest for the amateur is a triangular shape.

Pick your vase neck carefully. You want to hold the flowers together without them looking too loose or too squashed together. From the store they will be tightly bound so release them in your hand to determine how loose you want them to look then pick your vase to match your hand.

Now separate the kinds of flowers in the bouquet. Usually they are in sets of three which is perfect. If there are only two of one kind use them in the highest to medium-high part of your arrangement. The other issue you have to decide is whether the bouquet will be seen all the way around, like on a dinner table, or only on one to three sides like on an end table near a wall. If it is all the way around picture putting three triangles together so they could sit up on a table similar to a pyramid shape, a center highest point at the top and three equidistant points at the bottom.

If the bouquet is not seen all the way around then one triangle shape with the tallest point in the middle back and the rest of the flowers working down in size to the left, the right and the front to fill in the triangle.

Decide which flower will be your tallest preferably with a large blossom or large cluster of blossoms. Cut their stems at the height and place them in the tallest position of your structure. Continue with the next largest blossoms at a medium halfway down the triangle side. Now use the smaller blossoms and buds to fill in the spaces between the highest and midway blossoms and on the lowest level. Always separate the kinds into three different places on their level. Your vase should be half-filled with water, with the powder packet, provided with the bouquet, dissolved into it.

Now all that is left is the greenery provided. It goes in around the highest flowers either in the center of the bouquet for the dinner table or in the back of the end table arrangement. Greenery can also go around the bottom or lower-middle area if it has tendrils that will drape down the vase. Remember to separate them from each other.

It’s time to fill the rest of the vase with water, set it in place and enjoy your work.

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