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Drizzle with caramel, bake in the oven in winter, use your imagination and enjoy!

Smores are a summer and campfire favorite for many. And they are great just like they traditionally are but I have a couple of suggestions to add a little upgrade to them.

First of all, traditional smores comprise of a plain graham cracker on the bottom, a roasted marshmallow on that, a square of dark chocolate topped with another graham cracker.

However, in spite of the TV commercials showing the chocolate melting over the marshmallow that rarely happens. Now if you love chocolate, here are some other options. There are chocolate covered grahams available you can even find them in sugar free if you want to lower the calories. Now the marshmallow is surrounded by two thinner layers of chocolate on the grahams with more chance of melting from the marshmallow heat. Another option that I like is use chocolate marshmallows that have a fudge center, you can find these in Walmart sometimes. Roast those babies and get the full on chocolate melt you've been anticipating.

You can also do smores in the oven during the winter. Just layer the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate in a lightly greased cake pan and put it into a hot 350 degree oven until you see the marshmallows expand. Serve these with forks because the grahams will be hot. but everything is deliciously melted. You can even drizzle these with caramel sauce. So use your imagination and enjoy.

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