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Each language requires a different response.

Men traditionally say that women are hard to understand. I hate to admit it but they may be right. Women don't even understand themselves all of the time. but here is a little explanation that may help.

A woman speaks out of five languages. Each language needs a different response.

The first language comes from her Physical state. If she is ill or exhausted she may say she won't do something in a way that sounds angry or resistant. The response she needs is to give her a chance to rest by taking on some of her responsibilities temporarily. It is wise to tell her you know you won't do it as well as she does but right now she needs to rest and get well and the family will survive until she is better and can take things back on again.

The next language comes from her Mental state. She may be confused or frustrated with someone's illogic or overwhelmed by having to make too many decisions at the same time. The best response is to listen and ask questions until she either figures it out herself or finally admits she needs your advice. If you give advice too quickly you will only muddy her water and you may receive a very angry response or a complete withdrawal. Your questions can help direct her own reasoning without offending her by insinuating she is mentally incapable.

The third language of a woman is Emotional. This is the language that may seem illogical. It can be effected strongly by the time of the month hormones and a logical response is NOT a good idea. Try instead to identify and sympathize with the emotions she is feeling. Do this BEFORE you try to encourage her or she will assume you just don't understand and aren't listening to her. Let her vent, cry, whine or whatever and just make sounds that show you are listening. After she winds down, hug her and tell her this will pass and she will be OK. Assure her that you have her back.

The Will is the woman's fourth language. This is where she has thought through an issue and made a firm decision about it. Your response is to accept her decision but you may ask what were the steps by which she came to that decision. Arguing with her at this point will get you nowhere. This is her will you are dealing with and it will probably be quite set. If you think she has come to a wrong conclusion you can only say, "Well we'll see how that turns out but I'm with you all the way."

The last and most important language to listen to is a woman's Spiritual language. It may not seem fair but God has given women a sixth sense in their spirit that picks up minute details in a situation like a very finely tuned radar. If she speaks to you about someone or some situation from her spirit she may not be able to explain why she knows it's a danger but you had better listen carefully. A woman's spirit is seldom wrong. In fact the police tell women not to argue with it. If they feel uncomfortable in a situation get out now! Your best response is to thank her for her warning and assure her you will be very attentive to the situation she has warned you about. Then tune up your radar!

You will soon see evidence of what she has perceived in her spirit. Also, be alert to the spiritual sensitivity of a woman towards right and wrong and do not wound that by running over it with excuses for shady actions. The price you will pay later in your own life and relationships will be steep if you do.

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