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Why I Believe the Bible

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The power to bring light to a clouded mind

There are so many great reasons to believe the Bible is true and trust it fully that I can never do it justice in a blog but I hope to get those who question its veracity thinking and to strongly encourage those who do trust the Bible as God’s truth.

There is a difference between a SKEPTIC and a CYNIC. A skeptic has questions and, what they believe to be, reasonable doubt but is still actually searching for truth and open to learn when given facts. A cynic, on the other hand, is convinced of their opinion in spite of facts that contradict that opinion. We all have to decide which we are and the cynic must admit he is not actually looking for the truth. I am speaking here to the skeptics

There are three reasons my belief is based on that I will present here.

REASON ONE – The Bible is scientifically accurate and way ahead of human scientists. It wasn’t until the twentieth century that scientists discovered that outer space is not a dry vacuum. Yet Genesis 1:1 used a Hebrew word translated heavens for outer space that literally means “there is water in it”. Again, at the end of the twentieth-century scientists discovered that in spite of the worker bee being male the worker ant is female. Yet Proverbs 6:6 refers to the worker ant as her. You know in the 1400’s scientists still taught that the earth was flat. But Columbus read about the circle or circumference of the earth in Isaiah 40:22 and the Americas were discovered as he sailed on the belief that the earth was round. So far, the Bible is accurate in astronomy, biology, and earth science. The Bible is also so accurate in archeology that cities believed and taught to be fables by scientists were actually found, such as Jericho, strictly using the Biblical account. It is a fact that all archeologists doing digs in the middle east and ancient world start with the Bible because its accounts are so accurate.

Lastly, the Bible has been way ahead of our scientists in medical facts. In Leviticus 13:4-6 the practice of quarantine is taught for illness in 490 B.C. but not used by medical professionals until the seventeenth century resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths. The importance of life being in the blood is taught in Leviticus 17:11 but again only recently doctors have changed from draining a sick person’s blood to giving blood transfusions. So, the Bible has been far more accurate in astronomy, biology, earth science, archeology and medical science than our scientists in whom we are told to put great trust if we are educated people.

REASON TWO – The Bible is historically accurate and though there are some differences in small ways among the hundreds of historical copies and translations none of them make any changes to the fundamental truths taught in Christianity from the Bible. Though every century skeptics, cynics, and whole nations have tried to prove it to be inaccurate and completely destroy it they have not been able to do so. You know when a translator translates a statement into another language there are always differences in words and order of words but the meaning of the statement remains the same. There are hundreds more manuscripts of historical value and eye witness accounts proving the accuracy of the Bible than any other manuscript in history.

REASON THREE – The Bible has a power to bring light to a clouded mind and totally change a life from the heart beliefs like no other book. The Bible literally brings life and though I have read through the Bible hundreds of times for over sixty-some years I am still finding hidden gems, treasures I didn’t see before. Even the boring parts like the listing of generations have hidden truths I discovered. If you look up the names in the genealogy listed in Matthew chapter one you will find that the meaning of those names in order tell the entire story from the creation of man, the fall through sin, the Savior’s sacrifice and resurrection and ascension as well as His return to the earth to reign as King. This is a story created three times through three sets of names in fourteen generations of people. Only a super force like God could do that.

There are many other resources to find the truth and the facts to answer your questions. Some I would suggest are: "Jesus and the Eye Witnesses" by Richard Bacham, "A Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel as well as some fun YOUTUBE videos.

1) Can We Trust the New Testament? by the Ark Encounter “Manuscript evidence”

2) Why Should I trust the Bible? by Impact Video Ministries

3) 10 of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible by Living Waters

You cannot fully understand the Bible and all of its hidden treasures for life until you know its Author. He teaches us to understand His Word when we have a true relationship with Him and that is as easy as ABC!

A- Admit you have done wrong things and that proves you are a sinner and separated from God.

B- Believe that Jesus is exactly who He said He is. “I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. No man can come to the Father (God) except through Me” John 14:6. His death and blood paid your fine for your sin and His resurrection proved He can give you a new life as well.

C- Confess to God that you accept that payment and give control of your life from now on to Him. Also, confess to someone else that you have made this decision as is found in Romans 10:9, 10.

I hope this started you on your way to understanding that it is actually wise and based on truth and facts to believe and trust in the Bible as God’s Word and love letter to the human race.

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