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What is a Nana?

What is a Nana? She’s sort of like an artificial intelligence robot only warmer and more cuddly. Why can an AI robot beat world champion chess players at their game... because it has a broader data base from which to pull moves and countermoves. Why can a thirteen year old show a three year old how to tie a shoe...because of ten more years of life knowledge and experience.

A Nana is someone who listens without a critical attitude, who shares her wisdom from life experiences won through hard knocks, who accepts you as you are, loves you to pieces but will kick your rear in gear if you need it. She will pray with you, hug you and give you a kiss on the cheek then send you out to conquer life. As a Nana I’m not saying I’m smarter than you are, I’m just sending you a link to my broader data base and life hacks that I have learned along the way all based on the solid truths of the Creator's manual the Bible. So if you feel the need for that kind of love and practicality, Ask Nana!

Melodie Sterrett
Dr. Melodie Sterrett


A life time of working in summer camps, colleges, and various ministries with young people and families, degrees in nursing, Bible, and a ph.D in counseling plus working in all aspects of a horse ranch form a basis for Dr. Melodie's down to earth practical ideas to solve a wide range of life problems. So go ahead and Ask Nana!

Got Questions?

Click here to send your questions and comments to Nana! Please put "Ask Nana" at the top of your email! All corrspondance is confidentional.

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Oct 10, 2019



Hilary Troester
Hilary Troester
Sep 14, 2019

Thank you so much for starting this page! I look forward to visiting it regularly and gaining insights from the wisdom God has given you!

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