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The Worth of a Woman

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

In order to gain the right fruit, you have to battle the right things.

In this culture which has been strongly influenced by the Woman’s Liberation Movement, women are given the idea that unless they can do everything that a man does and do it as well or better, they are not worth much. In the process of trying to find worth, women have actually lost the great value of woman as she was created. Remember when God created the heavens, earth, sun, moon, stars, animals, plants and man, He looked at it and said,” It is good”. But only when He created woman, did He say “It is very good.” This is way too big a subject for a blog but here are some points to get you thinking differently than our culture and finding far greater worth in your womanhood.

Her Purpose: Vision

Proverbs 31 gives several examples of her vision. Her husband gains because he grows in character and his manliness as she tells him how great a man he really is. Esther envisioned Ahasuerus as just and he responded accordingly. The prophetess Deborah envisioned Barak as a valiant warrior and he gained courage. Envisioning the potential of the gifts and talents and intelligence of the people around you and telling them how you see them can literally change destinies. Also, in Proverbs 31 she looks for wool and flax- she looks for the good and doesn’t let fear block that. She brings food from afar-she makes supply for growth in others helping where she can and giving prayer and emotional support in spite of what things look like. Her primary purpose for being created was to cause man and others not to feel alone. In all she does and verbalizes she is saying, “this is how wonderful you are and I’ve got your back.”

Her Power: Persuasion

Women often feel they are being put down because they aren’t first in command at home, at work, in the community. But being second in command is more powerful. You can usually get more things done without people realizing you’re doing it. People focus their attack on the leader or first in command and hinder their goals. All the while the 2nd in command is moving them along in the right path. God used Daniel, Joseph and even Jesus for a time in the second in command position to do great things for the people. It is important to persuade for the good of others and not manipulate for just your own good. Manipulation is a grave misuse of your power and the purpose you were given it. Proverbs 14 tells us that a foolish woman tears down her house with her own hands or attitude. So, check yourself carefully.

Her Product: Peace and Reconciliation

Matthew 5:9 says “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” The trouble is when a woman goes for peace at any price, she totally loses everything including her own worth and personal value. Standing firmly for what is right is difficult and we would rather not put out the effort. But when we don’t, we embolden the predators and can end up in abusive situations even from your own children. A gardener has to make war on weeds, bugs, rabbits and other animals in order to gain the peaceful fruit of the garden. Learning to stand for right without fearful self-protection is difficult but that is the only way to produce peace. We must speak truth in a loving manner and leave the results to God. Learning to stand your ground on what is right and beneficial for everyone involved eventually brings peace and gratitude towards you. When you receive angry responses follow the guidelines of scripture 1) Humble yourself and agree quickly with your opponent where you can even in a small way. 2) In no way be alarmed by your opponent but respond in quiet confidence. This gives you great strength and will often quiet down your opponent as well. You may have to take some deep breaths first. 3) Remind yourself that your confidence is in God to work this mess out for the good of all involved. In so doing you may have to stand against the attack of Satan influencing the other person. Remember, we have all power and authority in the name of Jesus but we must use it out loud. Fight to win for the good of all not just your own comfort. There is a good book by Lisa Bevere on this subject. It’s called Fight Like A Girl.

Don’t forget God’s opinion is that woman, just as she is, is Very Good!

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