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The Value of Decorating

home decor
A home must feel warm and welcoming or people won't want to stay in it.

Decorating a home takes time, effort and creativity so why bother? Let's just go minimalist with everything in black and white and square-shaped. Let's call that clean, simple, and modern instead of what it really is, boring, cold, and lacking in creativity. This is the modern thought of so many in this era and the design experts push it like crazy.

So I'm giving a little push back to this. First of all, a home must feel warm and welcoming or people won't want to stay in it. A home that looks like it came out of a modern design magazine simply can't be lived in. Warmth comes with color, warmth comes with items that stimulate emotional responses and warmth embraces and relaxes us.

Changing decorations to reflect the season gives a feeling of refreshment and hope for the new season coming. And who doesn't need hope these days? Creativity in this way also stimulates creativity in other areas. So if you're stuck for ideas at work take a Saturday and change your house or den décor. It will surprise you how your creative juices start flowing again.

Plus wouldn't you like your family to spend a little more time together? Suck them in with the warm loving feelings created in their home and you can smile secretively to yourself about how clever you are.

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