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Only the step of "Yes" gives you true power

Our family is listening to an audio book about the life of Brother Andrew, God's Smuggler. Andrew was a Dutch man who was used of God to courageously smuggle Bibles into closed communist countries. He is thought of as a very godly Hero of the Faith. But as a boy he was a real stinker playing very nasty tricks on people, sneaking out of church behind his parents backs and even living very recklessly and wildly in the military.

This all brought him to a state of loss and hopelessness on the inside which caused him to seek God through religious practices. But it wasn't until he took the "Step of Yes" that he found true joy and fulfillment in his life's purpose.

What is the "Step of Yes"? It is where you humble yourself and submit your own plans and ideas to God's will and plans for you. You commit to Him that whatever He asks, your answer is, "Yes!"

Elijah, the Bible prophet, presented this concept in a different way. On the day that he was going to be taken up to Heaven in a fiery chariot he offered his servant, Elisha, four choices. They started in Gilgal and Elijah said, "Stay here, Elisha, I'm going to Bethel." But Elisha went with him to Bethel. Then Elijah said, " Stay here, Elisha, I'm going to Jericho." Again, Elisha chose to go with him. The third time Elijah said, "Stay here, Elisha, I'm going to cross the Jordan." But Elisha crossed the Jordan with him. It was on the other side of the Jordan that Elisha saw the amazing entrance into heaven on a fiery chariot of his great mentor and also received the double blessing from God of his mentor's miraculous powers. So what does this mean?

Gilgal represents salvation. A new immature Christian. Gilgal was where Joshua and the Israelites entered Canaan and were set apart for God through circumcision. Bethel means House of God representing a good faithful church goer and even a faithful tither. Jericho was the first battle in Canaan that the Israelites fought. God gave them special miraculous intervention and they won a great victory. Jericho is where a good Christian becomes a warrior for the Kingdom; a pastor, a missionary, a Sunday School teacher or a very active witness and soul winner.

But crossing the Jordan is a very different choice. This represents complete death to self. God's way in every circumstance is for me. This is the "Step of Yes". All the previous three levels of Christianity are good life choices and we are allowed to stay at any level we want in our Christian growth. But you don't get the true intimacy with God, His power and His miraculous work on your behalf unless you take the "Step of Yes" over the Jordan.

So, "Elisha", stay at Gilgal, Bethel or Jericho. You'll get lots of of approval from others there. But if you want true intimacy and power with God in your life. Die to all your rights, your ways and dreams and yield them to honor Him alone. The "Step of Yes"! That's where you'll find true fulfillment, great adventure and power!

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