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When you listen to Jesus you can follow His heart!

There is a prevalent teaching in this era that if you want to know the right decisions for your life just listen to your heart and follow it. If that were true then people who followed their heart into marriage wouldn't end up divorced or people who have degrees in one career wouldn't be changing to a completely different career. The Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9 that "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it?" Emotionally based, self-based decisions lead people into deep pits of destruction every day.

Like the baby who wants to play with the sharp knife and screams and kicks when it is taken away, our hearts usually want what is actually the worst choice we could make. But if we learn to yield our hearts to Jesus and focus on listening to the quiet promptings of His Holy Spirit then we will receive messages to our hearts that are accurate and of great benefit to us. However, this takes practice and consistent reading and learning from the Bible so that you can compare God's written truths to the spoken ones to your heart. If they agree then you can be certain you have heard His personal leading.

Often people refuse to work on this because it does take some focus and time and we are all too busy. Sometimes we really don't believe in our hearts that "God loves me personally" which is an example of how wrong our hearts can be. Many people who claim to be Christians (washed clean by Jesus' blood and making Him Lord of their life) don't even spend five minutes a day with a one-on-one focus on Jesus and His Word. So how on earth are they going to hear His love and guidance spoken to their hearts? You can start to hear Him in your heart by a simple practice.

Commit just ten minutes each day to read just a few verses in the Bible. I would suggest that you start in the Book of Ephesians in the New Testament. This book has a lot of practical guidance for our personal lives and our relationships. Start with a prayer asking Jesus' Holy Spirit to guide you as you read. Ask yourself how these verses apply to your life today. Then take three minutes where you tell Jesus you're listening and then be quiet and listen. It may take a few days (depending on how dull your heart is to hearing His voice) but eventually if you are consistent you'll begin to hear Him and feel His presence close to you. The scripture you read will become alive and very personal as messages to you and there will be a joy and certainty in your heart that "Jesus loves me". Now you can follow your heart because your heart is listening to and following Jesus and He wants what will really be best for you.

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