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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

salt or spice?
Too Much Salt or Spice?

Have you ever had an oil or ink stain on clothes or furniture that just wouldn’t come out? Dawn dish soap to the rescue! Dawn works so well against oil. Simply rub it into the stain until the stain begins to change shape then launder the item. If the stain is on the furniture wipe off the soap with a wet rag or sponge rinsing the rag several times until there is no more soap. You can let it air dry or use a blow dryer and a soft towel to fluff up any nap the cloth may have.

The key to ink stains is aerosol hair spray. Spray, rub until the stain is moving well then launder with soap.

What can I do if there is too much salt or spice in a soup or casserole? If you catch your mistake before the cooking is through peel several potatoes and add them in pieces spread throughout. Potatoes absorb salt and spices well. Milk or cheese is also helpful for hot spices. Milk and cheese are alkaline and neutralize the acidic value of the hot spice.

Now you are armed for at least these troubles in the New Year!

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