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Don't take the easy way out when you are "on duty"!

In years gone by women had a network of other older and more experienced mothers to give them tried and true advice on certain issues with baby care. But in this culture that network has been broken by many things including just distance as we all travel and move around the world. So here are a few ideas to the young moms from Nana.

Young women often like small purses or even just a wallet to carry around but you will notice that older moms usually have big purses. They have learned that many things happen at any time with children that can be resolved quickly if the right tool is with you and this requires a large purse. But you can start with a diaper bag. Here are some items to keep in the bag so you're ready anytime:

- 6 diapers

- package of wet wipes

- salve for diaper rash - Desitin or I prefer Neutralizer gel. You can get it from Miracle II, also a thin coat of coconut oil at each diaper change can prevent a rash.

- 1-2 changes of clothes

- 1-2 hair ties, clips or headbands

- teething - Anbesol salve or clove oil

- frozen teething ring wrapped and in Ziploc or cooler bag

- Colic - Baby Tylenol drops, baby gas drops, small bottle of prepared catnip tea sweetened, NO HONEY.

-Quiet Toys - Cardboard books, toys that don't squeak or rattle - 2 of each just keep trading them out as attention wanes.

-Favorite Sleep Blanket or Toy - Catnip tea will give them relief and can make them sleepy when the relief comes. Also a cranky attitude can just be tiredness so prepare for them to easily go to sleep. Add a throw to put on the floor for relaxation and kicking time. Remove their socks at this time. Note: You can roll up and belt your floor throw to your diaper bag strap if needed.

- Bottle of Liquid Tylenol

- Snacks - Cheerios in a plastic container, a bottle and formula if you bottle feed, a Ziploc bag of carrots or apple chunks as the child can handle them according to age. Watch out for snacks that crumble and make a mess. It is a big bother to clean up such a mess in public or someone's home. Think ahead to make it easier on yourself. Putting small items of a category in a labeled Ziploc bag makes them easier to find in your diaper bag.

I want to caution you about entertaining your small one with games on your phone. It seems simple and easy but there are many studies now that are finding the blue light is causing severe damage to eyesight and the fast changes and even some of the music used disrupts brain synapses causing fragmented thinking as they grow, resulting in schooling and relationship problems. Computers and phones have to be used for many things in this era but limiting it as much as possible is a better insurance for your child's overall health. I know parenting is tiring and stressful but you are raising a future citizen that will affect the world. The battle to do it well is worth it. Give yourself times each week for a break but don't take the easy way out when you are "on duty".

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