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Use your creativity for variety.

Here is an easy recipe for a delicious snack to take to a party or serve to your guests. You will need to have the following

  • One 8 oz. jar of Peanut Butter ( creamy or crunchy is your choice)

  • One container of prepared icing (your choice of flavor)

  • One 9x9 cake pan

  • Plastic wrap to line the cake pan

  1. Remove all foil from the top liner of the peanut butter so your microwave won't arc. Then put the jar in your microwave for 1-2 minutes to melt the peanut butter to liquid.

  2. Again remove the foil liner on the icing and melt it also in the microwave.

  3. Pour both in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly together.

  4. Line your 9x9 cake pan with two sheets of plastic wrap. One goes East to West and the other goes North to South. Make sure the corners are covered.

  5. Pour your peanut butter and icing mix into the cake pan. Press it down and smooth the top with a rubber spatula.

  6. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours

  7. Remove from the fridge, place a large plate face down on top of the cake pan, reverse everything and dump the fudge out on to the plate.

  8. Remove the plastic wrap and place a second plate face down on top of the fudge and reverse it again so the smooth top is right side up.

  9. Now you use a large knife to cut the pieces. I cut one way into 4 sections then turn it and cut the other way into 6 sections. You now have 24 pieces. You can cut 6x6 pieces if you want them smaller.

  10. You can leave the fudge as is or dust the top with confectioners sugar or baking cocoa or colored sprinkles as you desire. You can also top the soft mix with nuts or chocolate chips before refrigeration .

  11. You can use your creativity with this recipe. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Peanut butter & vanilla icing

  • Peanut butter & chocolate icing

  • Almond butter & chocolate icing

  • Nutella & mint icing

See how it can change? Now use your creativity and enjoy!

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