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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

household hacks
Don't forget the power of Baking Soda!

I was asked what products I have found that were so useful I would never want to be without them. So here is a list and what they are used for.

  1. Miracle II soaps and neutralizer: You can order online from MissDaisy' for the original products and best prices.

    1. Soap with conditioner: Best for hair and body. We use it on our horses also for a magnificent healthy shine to their coats that need no other show products. You must shake the conditioner a couple of times back into the soap because there are no unhealthy chemicals to keep it in solution like other shampoos. This is totally allergen free.

    2. Soap without conditioner: Excellent grease cutter and safe on all food surfaces

    3. Neutralizer: In gel form use for all rashes, bites, cuts and burns. In liquid form take internally 7 drops up to 2 Tablespoons as needed for allergies. Put drops up nose to stop post nasal drip and drops in eyes for redness or itchy burning.

  2. Chloraseptic throat spray: I add 30 drops of Grapefruit Seed oil to a bottle of the spray. At first sign of cold or sore throat spray and swallow. Also spray on Q-tips and swab your nostrils. Cold/flu disappears in one to two days. Sore throat is relieved instantly. Grapefruit Seed Oil kills bacterias and viruses.

  3. Basic G from Shaklee: This germicide works on HIV and yes the one we've been hearing so much about. It is good and allergy safe and can be sprayed in the air as well as on surfaces. It also kills smells from mold and vomit that sometimes seem impossible to get rid of.

  4. Funk Away: You can get it at Walmart. Super effective on sour laundry and rotten foot, shoe and sock smells. I've tried it on some of the worst!

  5. UNstopable: You can get these granules at Walmart. If you are too busy to change your wet laundry to the drier and it gets sour or if your teen's body odor just doesn't stop with washing. This is a relief! Oh and BTW leave your washer lid open to dry your washer and it won't smell sour. Also you can clean your washer with a cleaner packet every 6 months especially if you live in the hot south. These are easy to find in the laundry soap aisle.

  6. Lemmi Shine: This is found with the dishwasher soap. It cleans off calcium stains like magic and cleans your dishwasher like new again. I had a frig water spigot that dripped and formed a calcium crust on the bottom plate that nothing seemed able to touch until I found Lemmi Shine. Gone Instantly!

  7. Clorox Wipes and Clorox Toilet Scrubs with wand: After growing up in camp I have cleaned thousands of toilets with lots of products. I hate cleaning toilets but these products make it tolerable and very quick. Wipe the surfaces with the wipes, clean the bowl with the wand and scrub pad, flush the toilet, DONE!

  8. Don't forget the power of Baking Soda. If you use cloth diapers put a quarter cup into your diaper pail. It neutralizes the urine and stops the smell until you can launder. Add it to cheap cat litter and beat out the expensive ones for smell deterrent. Add a cup to baby laundry to remove sour spit smell. This is also allergen free and inexpensive.

  9. White Vinegar: Add a cup to your mop bucket for grease cutting and disinfecting and a streak free finish. Add one quarter cup to a spray bottle to clean windows. Dry the window with newspaper for an extra streak free shine.

I hope you got some good ideas for your own home!

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