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Tackle or screw boxes can keep things separated and travel well.

Have you ever been frustrated with tangled necklaces or that you can't find the earrings or matching bracelet without a difficult search?

Here are a few organizational tricks that I've found helpful. Depending on the size and amount of your jewelry different solutions will work better than others for you.

Try fishing tackle or screw boxes with adjustable bins. There are some with separate trays that are enclosed and can fit into a cloth case together. If you have necklace and earring sets you can store them together. You can also make on tray for blue jewelry, one for silver or gold etc. So if you're wearing an outfit of a certain color you don't have to claw through everything to accessorize it.

For travel you can fill a tackle tray with what you will need and close the lids or if your jewelry is small you can try the round pill boxes that screw together into a tube. You can roll this into some of your clothing in your suitcase for greater protection. In fact, take a look at the various pill boxes at the pharmacy or tool containers in hardware and see if any would be helpful.

But if you are like me and have a lot of different jewelry you may want to try my solution. I put my sets of necklaces, earrings and bracelet (if it is a matching one), into sandwich Ziploc bags. I then keep them in a stacking set of drawers about 12"x14" sized drawers according to color. I have a Blue/Green drawer, a Red/Pink one, a White/Pearl one, a Silver/Black/Sparkly crystal one and an additional Bracelet/Watches one for other mix and match bracelets. Additional earrings and rings that are not part of a set are kept in a tackle box tray. They don't get tangled and are easy to find when I'm dressing. So have fun thinking inside and outside the box!

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