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Make it yourself! Enjoy the compliments!

Over Christmas this year I had the fun of teaching my granddaughters how to make gravy from the turkey broth in the roaster pan. I was sharing this with a friend who laughingly exclaimed that she had done the same for her daughter-in-law. So I thought that maybe others would like to know how simple it is to make homemade gravy without a purchased mix.

  1. Drain any turkey juice into the bottom of your roaster pan and remove the turkey. I add enough water to the pan so that I will get approximately one gallon of gravy.

  2. In a smoothie shaker add 8 Tablespoons of Flour or Cornstarch and fill with COLD water. Shake until the slurry is smooth. Note: Flour makes a creamy gravy and Cornstarch makes a clearer looking gravy.

  3. Bring your broth to a rolling boil and slowly add the flour slurry stirring quickly and consistently with a wire whisk. Add the slurry little by little and give the gravy a minute to cook between the adding time. You are looking for the thickness you desire in your gravy. Let it cook for at least 4 minutes after you've reached your desired thickness stirring constantly and thoroughly with the whisk. The flour or cornstarch has to cook or your gravy will taste chalky.

  4. Taste your gravy. Add more salt if needed. I like to use Lawry's Seasoning Salt. If you had to add more than 4 cups of water you could add chicken bouillon cubes. One cube per cup of water. This also adds salt so be sure to taste before adding any more.

  5. If you refrigerate the left over gravy it will gel but will thin back out when you re-heat it.

You now have a very flavorful and smooth gravy people will compliment and you can be proud of.

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