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ice fun
Try an ice chandelier family competion!

Some of us hunker down inside our warm homes with a cup of tea or coffee and settle in for a long endurance when cold weather season arrives. But my brother said the years he lived in Alaska, that they enjoyed winter the most because the Alaskans knew how to make cold weather fun.

So here are some ideas for you and your family. Of course many of the common ideas come to mind for snow country like sledding down a hill, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, making snowmen, snow angels, snow forts and snow caves. But if you have a snow mobile and can set up a moonlight trail ride of snowmobiles with friends, I can tell you from experience that it is fantastic fun. Borrow one or jump onto the back of a friend's snow machine if you don't have one.

But not everyone has enough snow for these events even though temperatures go down to freezing. So here are some things you can do.

Try making a small framed area on your lawn with 2x4's. Line it with plastic and fill it 3-4 inches deep with water. The cold will freeze it and you will have a temporary ice skating rink for fun and many ice games. Then you can put it away when the temperature is warm.

Take a hike in a scenic area near your home. It will have a different beauty in the winter even if you have hiked it before. Or you can hook up a hose somewhere near bushes that can hold up under ice and have a family competition of who can spray a bush into an ice chandelier the best. Just be sure to drain the hose well afterward and let it dry in a warm garage.

These ideas should get your creativity working. And now you might be able to find enjoyment in the cold temperature.

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