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A well stocked pantry can save the day in a crisis.

Many families count on being able to run to the store daily or eat out at local fast foods frequently. But this world has many times, especially recently, when weather, or loss of electricity or various quarantines require us to be prepared ahead. Keeping a well stocked pantry can really save the day. So what should be in a pantry?

1) A mix or two for a quick bread or a biscuit mix. The bread mixes usually only take water, eggs and oil and the biscuit mix takes water only. Store these in an air tight container so bugs can't get into them.

2) Box dinners like mac and cheese that have everything you need in dry storage. If you have a freezer then keep some ground beef on hand and there are other box dinners that will be handy.

3) Canned meat like chicken, tuna, salmon or spam.

4) Canned fruit, applesauce and vegetables. My Mom always kept a quick company meal in her pantry. She would slice Spam and lay it out on a pan then with corn starch thicken the juice of a can of fruit cocktail and pour it over the Spam. Heat it and add a vegetable and quick bread and then she was able to feed unexpected company in 30-45 minutes. Canned white gravy mixed with canned chicken over biscuits is another great idea.

5) I always keep an extra bottle of catsup, jar of mayo or bottle of salsa. When I pull it out of the pantry to use it then it immediately goes on the grocery list. That way we never are out of anything.

6) Of course, salt, pepper and spices should follow the same use and grocery list rule.

You'll think of other items you wouldn't want to be out of to stock ahead in your pantry. Then when a crisis hits you'll be completely ready for it.

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