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children decorating
It's their creative joy that counts!

Here is a cute, simple and inexpensive idea for your own Christmas decore or as a gift. You will want to purchase clear empty Christmas tree bulbs at a discount store like Dollar Tree and then get creative in how to fill them.

You can start with raffia strips. I like the brown paper looking strips because they remind me of straw and go with my country western style. But you can use iridescent, metal raffia in bright colors or tiny width satin ribbon. Just stuff, replace the top and hang or box in sets of 2 to 4 as a gift. You may want to hot glue the cap on as they come off easily.

Now think of little items that represent something special to you or a friend. Things like a tiny Christmas tree, snow man, Christmas mouse, victorian house, etc. Hot glue this item to the inside bottom of the clear ornament (use tweezers if necessary). Fill the ornament with a couple of table spoons of artificial snow, cap the ball and you have an instant snow globe. You can also tie a ribbon of satin, lace or burlap around the top to finish it off with a bow. Put a dot of hot glue underneath to keep it in place.

Another idea is to fill the ball with a swatch of cloth such as a quilt pattern, lace or burlap. An appropriate ribbon around the top finishes it off. If you want to involve your children you could try squirting puff paints into the ball and swirl them around to your liking. For you OCD parents just set your child's creativity free. It doesn't matter if you like it. It's their creative joy that counts. You could always give them a little tree in their room to decorate with their creations. That way you don't have to put them on your tree if you'd rather not and they won't know the difference.

People love handmade gifts and the time and love investment they represent. They will think you are so clever and don't you tell them how easy it was or how inexpensive. Just pat yourself on your back and compliment your cleverness.

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