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Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Rolling rather than folding uses less space and is easier for children to do.

This seems to be a common problem whether you are single or have a large family. It is my observation that the problem stems from the fact that laundry is a job that has to be done frequently, it isn't fun and can be put off as long as I have anything to wear even if I pulled it out of the laundry basket and smelled it for offensive odor. The solution is discipline to follow a system and who likes discipline?

So if you're seriously wanting out of the mountain of laundry here are some set ups that can make it easy and always caught up.

Start with either 2 or 3 baskets, hampers or one of those canvas hampers with 3 sections. Put it right near where you usually undress for bed and I mean NEAR! One step to the left or right may end up with dirty clothes on the floor. As you undress determine if the item can be worn again and hang it on a hook in or near your closet. Otherwise what color is the item? Your hampers should stand for White, Light Colored, Dark Colored/Red. If you're single, whites and lights could go together to make a complete load. So put the item in the right basket immediately!

Now pick one day, yes, ONE day of the week to do laundry and do it then every week. Your laundry is already sorted so put in the whites and either set a timer or listen for the alarm on your washer in about an hour. Get to the washer and change loads immediately it'll take 3-5 minutes. The longer you leave your wet wash sitting in the washer the more chance of its souring and having to be washed again because it stinks. If you dry and try to wear soured laundry everyone will smell it and it really reeks. So get on it right away and put it in the dryer. Start the light colors washing and set the timer. When the buzzer rings this time change loads again and then start a DVD or stream a movie as you fold the first dry load and immediately put it away. Entertain yourself while doing brain dead jobs. It makes it more fun and easier to face.

The next issue is how it's put away. First of all, don't fold your clothes, roll them . Fold undies in half and half again then roll them. Place them in a sectioned drawer organizer. You can now find them, know when they are nearly gone and have more room in your drawer for another item like sox. These are matched and rolled and placed in another organizer with small sections. Place these items rolled end down. It's really easy-in-easy-out service. Jeans and T-shirts get folded in half and rolled (sleeve folded into the shirt) but may be too tall to put end downward so place them in a drawer divider box like slices of bread. This actually prevents wrinkles and it's easy to see the color you want when you pull them out. If you roll and put away immediately it will take you about 10 minutes per load and all will be peaceful in your home and you will always have clean and easily found clothes when you need them.

If you have children then each child has a laundry set up in their room and should be taught how to separate it by color and then each child has a laundry day. At first you do the wash and dry part but they can do the roll and put away part at least by age six and I know three year olds who are doing that job well. By age 8 or 9 your child should be taught to do their own laundry from start to finish with just your checking that it is being done and completed on their day. Most kids will only have two loads to do unless it's been a really dirty week. Teach them to entertain themselves with an audible story while rolling and putting away. You then have one laundry day for the parents of the house.

Remember to put the laundry away immediately or before you go to bed. This is what keeps you from being buried. This is often a cause of marital conflict and is so simple to fix. Remember the dresser dividers, the hooks for clothes to wear again and roll don't fold. It's faster and easier to store. Now just hang up any dress shirts or dresses and you're done, neat, orderly and breathing again!

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