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Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Working Mom
Meet their needs even if they are sleeping.

And what about my own sense of personal fulfillment that a career gives me? First of all, can that be met with a home business? You’re smart and gifted get your creative juices going. Culture doesn’t have to dictate to you.

Secondly, have you considered the fulfillment of knowing you have been the primary influence and power behind developing several “world shakers” with strong character, confidence, and a joyful spirit? These will be additions to and influences of your community and nation with high education, creative power and servant’s hearts that will have the power to transform your world way past your lifetime. Is that fulfillment enough?

On the other hand, after all of this evaluation, if you still feel you must work outside the home then intentionally use your time at home with your children. I know the house and laundry are screaming at you! Get your kids involved and play a game and competition with cleaning “I can get this done before you can get that done!” Make it fun. Teach your children to do their own laundry and just check up on that. Give each child a certain day. Even a four-year-old can learn to sort darks and lights and throw a Tide Pod into the washer and press the right button. They know how to open games on your phone and play them, don’t they? This isn’t any harder.

If you come home late from work and your children are sleeping, go kiss them, sing softly to them, pray for them out loud softly and tell them what they mean to you, or pick up your baby and rock him for twenty minutes. Their spirits will record all you do even if they are asleep. If they are awake forget the house and play with them for a bit. A table game, better than a video game, gives eye contact and opportunity to also ask questions and listen. You know, actual conversation.

I know this is a lot. But you are dealing with the influence of lifetimes so it is very serious. “If you raise your children you can spoil your grandkids. If you spoil your children you will have to raise your grandkids.” – Tori Weir

God guide you in your journey.

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