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Add inside your car wet wipes and disinfectant and you're covered.

I've been talking about babies in the last two blogs, but as your children grow you will discard the diaper bag, but you will always need to be prepared for the unexpected. So I always carried a quart sized Ziploc bag in my purse with needed items which were used frequently.

Here is my list:

1. 4 Band-Aids - band them together with a rubber band or hair tie to find them quickly. That tie also comes in handy at times. With two rough necked boys I never needed more than 4.

2. A small antiseptic salve or spray.

3. A bottle of eye drops for irritated eyes. This helps sunburned eyes and serves to wash out sand or dirt and relieve the irritation.

4. A few allergy tablets 6-8

5. A few cold tablets 6-8

NOTE: Tablets can be put into those tiny pill Ziploc bags and labeled with a sharpie to save space. you'll find them online or at a pharmacy.

6. Cough drops and sore throat lozenges - Change them out every few months as they get soft and you can't get the paper off when they age.

7. Pain pills of choice. this is for headaches, twisted ankles, pinched fingers, etc.

8. Car Sickness Bands - I had a child with this problem who never warned me until it was too late. I had many nasty clean ups until I found these bands. They fit on the wrists and have a small bead that presses a nerve center on the underside of the wrist which stops the stimulus for nausea. We took them off when we stopped to eat or get out of the car in order to rest the nerve center then put them back on when getting back into the car. I never had a problem with car sickness again.

9. Tweezers and/or a small nail grooming kit which contains scissors and clippers. Add a needle stuck through a piece of light cardboard and you're ready for slivers, hangnails, torn nails or snipping gum out of hair.

10. In your purse carry a small packet of Kleenex

11. In your car have wet wipes and a small disinfectant spray. These clean hands and faces as well as toilet seats and picnic tables with bird droppings on them. If you live in the south I wouldn't recommend an aerosol spray of disinfectant lest the heat make it explode so make up a small pump bottle from concentrate. I always use Basic G from Shaklee. It is food surface and allergy safe and can be sprayed directly on hands that have got themselves into something nasty.

You may think of other helpful items yourself but these items will be a life saver many times over even after your children are grown.

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