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A few changes can make WOW! results.

Sometimes life overwhelms us and we have to fix something quick to eat. That's where frozen pizza or potpies come in handy. But have you noticed they have a little flatter taste than you would really like? Because they are made for a wide variety of tastes they are usually quite bland. So here are a couple of ideas to give them a boost of flavor.

Pizza - Cover with spaghetti sauce and more mozzarella cheese. I like Prego sauce plus I add a little sugar to counteract the acid of the sauce and give it a fresh tomato zing. Shredded Mozzarella can be kept in your freezer always available and it will break up small enough to spread on the pizza with a few whacks on the countertop while in its bag. You can also sprinkle the pizza with more dried oregano, basil or onion flakes and chopped veggies to kick it up another notch. These changes only take a couple of minutes to do but WOW! what a result!

Frozen Chicken Pot Pies- You'll need to "nuke" the pie for a couple of minutes so you can remove the top crust. Now add several good sprinkles of dried sage, garlic salt, and a pat of butter on top. Replace the top crust and bake. You can even sprinkle grated cheese on the top for the last couple of minutes to melt. You'll love the change.

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