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Follow the pattern resulting in an oval look and length of hair doesn't matter.

In our teen years we all tend to experiment with our personal style, trying to discover who we are. The problem with that is that we usually copy someone we admire who may not be like us at all. Thus we have all seen some resulting hideousness. But there are some simple ways anyone can find a hairstyle that will compliment their face shape and personality type.

The first thing to understand is the oval shaped face is considered to be the most attractive mainly because of its balanced shape. But the second thing to understand is that very few people have an oval face shape. So we have to learn what shape our face is and then how to use our hair or even facial hair for men to convince the eye that the face is oval.

You will need a ruler, a mirror and a headband or something to pull your hair back from your face. The areas of your face to measure are 1) the width of your forehead 2) the width of your jaw line just below your jaw hinge and 3) the length of your face from the forehead bone to the jaw width marker. Now compare these numbers. You will find your face falls somewhere into the shapes of Triangle (narrow forehead, wider jaw and length approximately same as the jaw width but it may be a little longer), Inverted Triangle (opposite of the triangle and the widest part is the forehead), Rectangle (forehead and jaw equal in width and smaller than the length) Square (length and widths are equal), Round (lengths and widths are equal but cheek bones are much wider) and Oval (forehead and jaw widths are equal but length is slightly longer and cheek bones are slightly wider)

OK, I know my face shape, now what? Use your hair to make your face oval. For example, the Rectangle and Square are flat on the sides and need wider hair at the cheek bone area. The Rectangle is too long and needs to be shortened with hair on the forehead and/or a close clipped beard and flatness on the crown of the head. But the Square not only needs wider hair at the cheekbones but also height at the crown to elongate the face and a longer trimmed beard. Also a side swept bang is better than a full bang so you can see to the hair roots of the forehead and not shorten the face even more with thick bangs.

Both men and women can use these adjustments. The length or shortness of your hair doesn't matter as long as the style follows the pattern that results in an oval look. So measure your face and have fun experimenting.

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