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That makes so much sense, now!

Sometimes parents foolishly say about one of their children, "This one was an accident" or "we didn't plan for this one". The child who overhears such statements interprets that as "This one is unwanted". Also when a couple is disobedient to God's principle of morality and conceives a child out of wedlock, the mother's first fearing reaction when she discovers her pregnancy permanently impresses that tiny baby's soul with the belief, "I should not have existed". There are studies relating later attempts at suicide to the mother's attempts or thoughts of planning abortion of that child. I've also talked to individuals who always felt they were worthless and asked if they knew whether they were conceived out of wedlock and found that in each case it was so. One woman didn't even know and had to investigate to find out but it was true. She said, "That makes so much sense now."

So, let me tell you how lovingly planned you are. when your birth mother was a tiny fetus in her birth mother's womb all of the eggs she would ever have were placed in her ovaries. One of these eggs would become you. Now let's suppose your birth mother started having her periods at age 10 and had you at age 20 (just for simple math's sake), and she dropped an egg at every period, 12 times every year, resulting in 120 eggs being discarded. Yet every month God said to your egg, "No, no, little (put your own name here) it's not your time". Then came the time HE HAD PLANNED and He excitedly said, "Now! Now, little (your name)! Now it's your time to be born!"

He had been looking for and planning and preparing for you since your birth mother was a tiny fetus. It doesn't matter the circumstances of your conception. You were exceedingly, lovingly looked forward to, and protected by your Heavenly Father long before you were conceived. you are very, very precious to Him and He has a great and unique purpose for your life. Let that joy flood your soul and roll around in it. Get it all over you, then live like it's true, because it is!

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