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Why Spirituality?

Spiritual relationship
A personal relationship with Jesus radically changes your perspective of life.

The evolutionary teachings of our recent past have taught us that we are simply accidental blobs that exist for a time and then disappear. This removes all worth and valuable purpose for human life and results in a total narcissistic focus of "whatever I want I should get". You can look at the recent chaos in our nation to see where that gets us.

In medicine a few years back it was discovered that healing from disease was strongly influenced by recognizing that humans are not only physical but they are also spiritual. It was found that the spiritual force actually had more to do with healing than the physical forces. This, of course, surprised the evolutionary scientists but those of us who have a close relationship to God all said, "Well, duh, of course! You didn't know that?"

So of course now our culture is swinging the pendulum all the way across to all kinds of Luciferian spirituality in an effort to find the fulfillment that the human spirit desperately needs.

The God of the Bible, through His Son, Jesus the Christ, brings the only true balance between body, soul (emotions),and spirit that is constantly being sought for in so many other areas.

Knowing and believing that I was lovingly purposefully created gives me value. If you doubt that go to YouTube and watch Nick Vujicic of Life Without Limbs speak to prisoners and other wounded people.

Realizing that this loving Creator gave freedom of choice to His humans and so bad things happen in this world because selfish people make choices that wound others. We all wish He would take the freedom of choice away from others, but we don't want Him to make us robots. Although there is a movement of technological scientists that are attempting to do exactly that, believing that joining Artificial Intelligence to the human being can force them to make less hurtful choices.

But our Creator has a better idea. He sent his only begotten Son to become human and pay for our wrong choices so that we then have a chance to change and through His loving power working inside of us become loving, giving creatures benefitting all who are around us. This change can't be accomplished by our own efforts because though we are spiritual we usually let the physical rule us. Only Jesus living inside us and washing out the old ways and putting new desires inside of us can make a permanent change.

When we accept that we have this spiritual side and get it in line with our Creator and Jesus, His Son, a whole new perception of life suddenly springs forth. New purpose, new value, new hope, new power to overcome things we've tried to change but couldn't begin to evidence along with a new ability to forgive and let go of old wounds that have us locked up emotionally. This is because the Spirit of Jesus bonds with our spirit and leads and empowers us to make right choices. We are spiritual beings, that has been scientifically proven, but the choice we make to connect to the right spiritual force has very serious and dramatic results. There is an eternity. If you doubt it research hundreds of near-death experiences. If you choose to accept what Jesus has done for you and allow your spirit to bond with His then He is able to keep you with Him for eternity. If, however, you choose to deny your spiritual need and remain your own boss He will have to honor your choice and send you into an eternity without light, without love, without joy, without friendship, and without any comfort, because those things all come from Him. He doesn't want to do that but He gave you the right to choose. Be careful what you choose!

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