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Nothing fills the hole in your heart like God's personal love for you.

Over the past year of the Covid lockdowns many people have suffered from severe loneliness. This isn't really an odd experience for the human race it has only put a magnifying glass on the loneliness we all experience off and on through life. But loneliness can be a benefit. I know some people like their privacy more than others but even they can find the feeling of loneliness hitting them. Most people tend to run from loneliness in a panic believing "I have to have friends, a boyfriend or girlfriend or I'm not worth anything. I have to be loved!"

There are several good purposes and effects in our lives that loneliness can bring, if we will let it, instead of running.

  1. It should drive us to seek a greater intimacy with God. He's the only One who can actually understand and meet our heart's needs. Spend time telling Him how much you love Him then listen quietly in His presence. He will speak to your heart. You may even feel His arms around you. There is nothing on this earth that fills the hole in your heart as completely as truly experiencing His personal love for you.

  2. Sometimes we are lonely because we don't reach out to others. If you have been pushed away by someone, look around you for someone who looks like they could use a friend and reach out to them. If they don't look like the kind of person you would want as a friend you might be surprised if you get to know them and see their real need. You never know you may even save their life.

  3. Loneliness can be a time for self re-evaluation. Taking an account of your choices so far and how they have turned out and making new plans with better choices can make this time very valuable. You may find yourself feeling grateful for it.

Loneliness comes to all of us whether we are single or married. Yes, there are times of loneliness in marriage. It comes to the rich and poor, to the busy or the idle. So, accept it and use every benefit it was meant for. Then when it quietly leaves you will appreciate what you have far more and actually be grateful for it's work in your life.

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