Principal-Based Training Set

Train your horse using Dr. Lew's style and principles of forward motion, headship, confidence and ownership. This series will build understanding and give clear steps to help you train with confidence! 4 DVDs. 5 hours.


DVD 1 - Initial Ground Control & Leading 

Before we start with a colt that's never been led, Spark is used to illustrate the end goal. Defining the end goal of excellent manners and confident responses in handling will set the stage for each subsequent method used in breaking a colt to lead. Approx. Running Time: 75 min.



DVD 2 - Improving Ground Control & Manners

Many horses that lead and tie are still unpredictable and invaseive. Reactions vary from mild inattentiveness to aggressive and dangerous behavior. The methods illustrated in this video will help you gain perfect control on the ground, overcome obstacles, load in a trailer, and lay a foundation for liberty work.Approx. Running Time: 65 min.



DVD 3 - Round-penning for the Beginner 

Is the round pen a curse or a blessing? The answer relies on whether we see the round pen as a tool in reaching the heart of the horse or the end in itself. In a day of popularized round pen many a horse is being terrorized. Yet, in the hands of a skillful trainer, this is a wise and invaluable tool. Approx. Running Time: 85 min.



DVD 4 - Fundamentals for the Green Horse

Safely and successfully engaging the young and untrained horse requires understanding, caution, and keen observation. The content of this DVD is designed to equip an owner with the awareness and critical understanding not only for the first ride, but for a solid foundation and lifelong partnership. Approx. Running Time: 1.5 hours


Principal-Based Training Set


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