Come Ride With Me

Dr. Dale Linebaugh's autobiography: As the founder of several ministries relive how he uses spirituality to overcome a life of hard knocks and find spiritual enrichment through life's difficulties. Hardcover. 231 Pages w photos.

Come Ride With Me

  • Dr. Dale E. Linebaugh

    From the beginnings of poverty and abuse Dale Linebaugh found his heart’s needs met at the age of fifteen in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit used the song “Where He Leads Me I Will Follow” to bring Dale under deep conviction of sin, leading to his conversion.  The song was used of the Spirit again a year and a half later to bring Dale to the consecration of his life to Christ as a minister.

    “I will follow” has been the goal and passion of his life from that moment. The conviction to follow Christ was strengthened from a study of Caleb in the Old Testament.  Of Caleb it was written that “he wholly followed the Lord”. Dale, with his wife ,Opal, at his side, has never sought a pastorate, evangelistic campaign, mission-field opportunity, or the presidency of the former Practical Bible College.  Christ has promised to open doors no man could shut and shut doors that no man could open.  And indeed He has!

    Now known as Dr. Dale E. Linebaugh he is also known as the founder of several successful ministries that are still on going.  But his daily love, aside from his wife, is his horse.  His teaching and his writing evidence this down to earth practicality of a hard working cowboy who truly understands the needs of the common man and can communicate deep truths of God’s word in simple language so that the lowliest or youngest of people can grasp the truth and live it.Now in his eighties he still ministers and is highly sought after for his wisdom.  In his own words “the ‘adventure’ has continued and the marvel of it all has never worn off”