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Do these dolls represent your vision for your boy?

What is the purpose of a doll? Why do we give them to children? Why do they like them? What effect do they have on a child's self-worth? Have you ever answered these questions before you chose a doll for your child?

Dolls are little people and often become future dreams of ourselves. A child often becomes extremely emotionally attached to their dolls. We give boys G.I. Joe, Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles. We think it's cute when they go around acting like they are martial artists but do we really want them to maim or kill people? And what will they think of their self-worth when they discover they don't have super powers? And don't even get me started on the evil, demonic open doors into your child's life through Pokémon. Yes, we want boys to think of themselves as strong, bold and courageous but we also want them to develop the other side of manhood which is protective, just and righteous leadership. How does practice with these dolls develop that? What a child practices in play is what they become as an adult.

Now let's go to Barbie. This doll has a questionable relationship with a male doll named Ken. Maybe they are married and maybe they are co-habiting but is Barbie ever known as Mrs. Ken?

Next let's look at her impossible figure. No woman alive is built like her except maybe Dolly Parton and she has more hip than Barbie. A child imprints their image partly on what they play with. Now compare the thick and short sturdy arms and legs of a little girl with Barbie's figure. She sees the comparison as, "I am less beautiful." She may spend the rest of her life trying to compare to Barbie and become anorexic and insecure with poor self worth.

Oh, and don't think your little boys haven't noticed. They were wired from birth to notice and imprint also on that as an ideal, causing them as young men to walk right by pretty young women who would be loving, giving, supportive wives and mothers because they don't look like Barbie.

The next time you buy a doll you might consider a baby doll for a little girl to bring out her loving nurturing instincts or a doll with the Armor of God to bring out the strength, courage and protective, righteous justice in a little boy. Maybe you entrepreneurs should come up with dolls that imprint good character rather than selfish fleshly actions. Remember we aren't raising children. We are raising responsible righteous adults.

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