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Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Can you substitute products and save?

I’ve known many mothers who felt they needed to work outside of their homes to assist in family income. Every one of them has expressed a feeling of guilt and worry that they are not adequately meeting the emotional needs of their children. Here are some things to consider in meeting this need.

The first step is to ask yourself have you really looked carefully at all of the options before you?

1. Why am I working?

a. To meet actual bills?

b. To fulfill the wants of a certain level of living?

c. For my own sense of fulfillment?

2. Have I looked at all home business opportunities available to me?

3. Are there some economizing steps I could take that would mean I could work part-time and still meet needs?

4. Have I really figured out how much it costs our budget for me to work?

The first question requires a lot of honesty with yourself. Sometimes the bills we are trying to pay come more from wants than needs. It takes some clear thinking and courage to face that. If you cut out so many wants and lived on the level of a true need for food, clothing, and shelter would that make a difference in overall income needed? By the way, you are not a bad Mom because you don’t buy your children every little thing others have. In the long run, they would rather have your attention and love than the things anyway.

In this technological age, there are many home businesses available that you can fit into your schedule around the care of your children. Google it girl, if you haven’t already. There are moms who have built whole industries from small home businesses. What do you like to do? Can you sell it online? There are also bookkeeping and medical coding businesses available online. You can connect to as many businesses as you can carry so your income is up to you.

Economizing is very subjective but often we assume on the use of products without thinking through the issue. For example; how much do you spend in wet wipes and paper towels which you could save if you used rags and spray cleaner or soap and water? Look at everything you do in this light. You may find 100’s of dollars over the space of a year that could be saved making a difference in the budget needed.

The last question has often been ignored but its answer can make a huge difference. To figure the cost on your budget working outside the home consider these things.

1) The gas and car maintenance, licensing and payment on a second car that’s needed.

2) Extra clothing you need for work

3) Meals at fast foods because you're too tired or there isn’t enough time to cook. Home- cooked meals always cost less than restaurant meals.

4) Child care cost because you aren’t there

There may be other costs you will think of. There have been studies done on this that found that having a mother work outside of the home actually costs the home budget more than she brings in. This is why evaluation is so important. There will be more on this next week so be sure to catch it.

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