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A feeder delivers a rainbow of color an orchestra of song, and bird sit-com to laugh at.

I love my birds at my bird feeder. I love to listen to their chirps, calls and songs. I love their colors and varied patterns. They make me laugh with their silly personalities and antics.

I'm not in any way a professional birder so I don't spend big bucks on specialty feeders or feeds. There is a wide range here and you can pick your level. I think mine is on the bottom rung but it's still fun. I found a donut shaped feeder at Tractor Supply that squirrels slide off of and the Oklahoma wind can't blow the seed out of the first day. It's not expensive and its clear so I can tell when to refill it. It's important to hang a feeder near a tree or bushes so the birds in waiting for the feeder have a safe place to perch away from cats.

Your seed choice depends on what birds you want to attract and it can get complicated. But I buy a low cost wild bird seed with some sunflower seeds and add a thistle seed feeder near my other one to call in the finches. You can hang orange halves in the trees to call in Orioles and other colorful birds but I find I have Sparrows , of course, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Doves, Red Winged Black Birds, Red Headed Woodpeckers, Juncos, Chickadees and sometimes Blue Birds though they are shy around the other birds. Once a pair of Painted Buntings stopped by for a rest on their migratory tour. Wow! Are they colorful!

It's helpful if you buy yourself a good bird book so you can learn who your visitors are. You can try buying on Amazon but I prefer to pick out my book by looking through it. Some books are technical and complicated and I want easy to find and simple descriptions.

My bird feeder delivers a rainbow of color, an orchestra of song and a bird sit-com to lift my spirits. I recommend it!

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