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School Health Issues

strong immune system
A strong immune system is the best defense.

In this blog I am not diagnosing or prescribing anything. This is just personal experience that worked for my children and grandchildren and common health issues that school children face.

Ringworm - First of all, this has nothing to do with worms. It is a fungus on the skin that appears round, dry and scaly, and may itch. It can be contracted from playing in some kinds of dirt or even dirty floors. Doctors can prescribe salves to put on it but we always used iodine. The use of iodine is inexpensive, kills the fungus, and supports the thyroid and therefore increases the immune system. The scaly spot usually disappears in a couple of days. Some children are more prone to this than others but often grow out of this tendency.

Lice- sometimes during the school years this problem will turn up. No, it doesn't mean you are a terrible parent. Someone brings them to school and everyone gets them. You can use expensive lice shampoo from the drugstore and repeat it in 2 weeks but some cases are very hard to get rid of or the child just keeps getting re-infected. I found that slathering the hair and scalp liberally with petroleum jelly, wrapping the scalp with plastic wrap, and covering it with a shower cap worked better and less expensively. Leave this on the head for at least an hour. Sometimes the petroleum jelly will melt and trickle down so be prepared to wipe the face and neck occasionally. After the treatment, shampoo several times until all of the grease is gone then use a nit comb to comb out the nits one hair section at a time. Keep a paper towel nearby to wipe the comb frequently. Nits look like elongated white seeds. Repeat this in 2 weeks to kill off any nits that got missed and hatched. To prevent further cases of lice get peppermint oil and place a dot on the hairline at the forehead, base of the neck, and above each ear daily. Once we used this method we have never had a problem with lice again.

To keep a strong immune system in our children which kept them from all the viruses in school, we did three simple things.

  1. Take three pills of sea kelp daily during the weather change months which are September through November and March through May. This supports the thyroid during the weather change stress and can even decrease allergy responses.

  2. Take two echinacea pills daily if any sniffles begin to start. It usually got rid of them within 3 days but you can take the echinacea for 5 days to ensure it's all gone.

  3. Make sure the child gets 8 to 10 hours of sleep daily. Sleep is a huge healer and health support.

These things were so helpful for my children and grandchildren that we rarely experienced health problems at all with them.

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