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Soak overnight with Clorox

As I watch the remodeling and updating shows on TV I see that those big one bowl porcelain farm sinks with a skirt are all the rage now. But no on tells the young naïve home owner how to take care of these retro monstrosities err... I mean nostalgic beauties. there was a reason they went out of style and the homemakers loved the two bowl stainless steel or no granite composite sinks.

First of all if you just rinse dishes and put them in a dishwasher one great big bowl works but if you wash and then rinse the soap off of anything you need two bowls. That is why everyone with the original farm sinks had two pans they placed in the sink. Even if you are peeling veggies or apples you need at least one pan to put the peels in then you lay the peeled veggies in the sink unless that's unsanitary and now you are back to using two pans again.

The second issue with porcelain is that the finish glaze wears off and it stains terribly. Eventually no cleaner will work to make it white again BUT Nana knows what to do! Use white paper towels and line your sink. Any color on the towels will transfer to your sink so stay away from that. Now soak those paper towels in chlorine bleach. I prefer Clorox brand. It's usually stronger than cheaper store brands. Leave these soaked paper towels in place overnight. In the morning throw away the towels, rinse the sink with water and you will be amazed at your brand-new looking sink once more.

So if you insist on retro porcelain keep the Clorox handy. You're going to need it!

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