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Are You Stylin'?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

dress style
Plaid and denim, if fitted, make a stylish casual look.

Have you noticed that some people always look nicely put together even in casual clothes? Here’s how they do it.

1) Start with a print or pattern. A printed shirt, shorts, skirt, jacket, etc.

2) Pick out no more than two colors from the print and add solid colored pieces. I know it’s popular to put lots of different prints together but you have to be really clever at it or you just end up looking like a hot mess. An example would be to start with a red, white and blue print shirt. Add white shorts or slacks and tie a dark blue oversized scarf around your waist for a belt. Now casual has become adorable. See how easy it is?

3) Stripes are a print you can always mix with other prints. Stripes are actually more of a texture than a print. Narrow stripes are more dressy and wide stripes are more casual. If you’re mixing with a wild print keep the stripes narrow.

4) Plaid is always casual. A small houndstooth check is like a plaid but if quite small it can be a little more dressy.

5) Denim mixes with everything but will always make the look more casual.

Those are the basics and you can do it. So, you mix it up and wow the people around you.

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